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Thinking about touring Europe on a rental motorcycle? A round-trip of Europe? Not sure, where to start from? Let us help you make the right decision for your European motorcycle tour. This guide will help you choose the right location to enjoy the best motorcycle roads in Europe.

We know the city of Nice well and believe it is the Number 1 place to start and finish your motorcycle trip. Why, you might ask? Nice Airport is the second biggest airport in France. Regular international flights and many low cost airlines fly to Nice. What’s more, Nice is also part of France’s high-speed train network.

The beautiful city of Nice has many treats to offer. There is more than sea, sun and beaches. Enjoy the old town, the harbor and great restaurants. Not convinced? Check out Nice city’s webcam for a real life view.

But most importantly, some of Europe’s best motorcycle roads are on the doorstep of Nice. We have put together our personal selection of Day Trips plus Extended Trips through France and Europe. Clicking on the below links, will open the route in Google Maps.

Day Trip from Nice - Route Napoleon & Gorge Verdon
Take the Route Napoleon to the Grand Canyon of France called Gorge du Verdon. You ride into the canyon and enjoy spectacular views. For the return you take a different route through the Verdon National Park. You ride through typical French villages and then make your way back to Nice.
264 km / 165 m / 5 h riding time

Day Trip from Nice - Col Turini & Corniche d’Or
The Col de Turini is famous for the Rally Monte Carlo. Start in Nice and take the lower Route des Alpes along the River Tinée. Once you’re up on top of the Col de Turini, why not stop for a quick coffee. Riding down the Col de Turini requires full concentration - one hairpin after the other. Overlooking the Mediterranean, you then blast down the Corniche d’Or past Eze back to Nice, France.
178 km / 112 m / 4 h riding time

Day Trip from Nice - Gorges Daluis & Gorges Cians
Starting from Nice, you head up towards Greolieres. There are plenty of photo opportunities on this route. The road then winds along the turquoise Lake Castillion. Motorcycle riding at its best! But the highlight of this trip is the Gorge Daluis and its bright red rock scenery. The ride back is just as beautiful. Take in the views across the Cians Canyon and then ride the Route des Grandes Alpes into Nice, France.
244 km / 153 m / 5 h riding time

Are you looking for more than a day trip from Nice, France? Well, why not enjoy an extended motorcycle trip through the Provence and the French Alps. We already prepared a beautiful itinerary for a weeklong trip. Highlights include the Grand Canyon of France, the lavender fields of the Provence, Avignon, Mont Ventoux, the Vercors National Park, Annecy, Col d’Iseran and the Col de Bonette (highest paved road in Europe). Is this motorcycle trip getting you excited? Want to find out more? Then click here for our Motorcycle Itinerary of France.

And then there is the island of Corsica. Located just opposite Nice, Corsica is a motorcyclist’s paradise. Many motorcycle articles such as this one have been written about the amazing motorcycle roads there. Similar to the above Motorcycle Itinerary, we have put together a Motorcycle Roadbook for Corsica. Highlights include Ajaccio, Calvi, Ile Rousse, Bastia, Corte and Porto Vecchio. Click here for the complete Motorcycle Itinerary for Corsica. You will have the ride of your life.

As you can see, Nice is a great departure point for European motorcycle tours. With this article, we have just scratched the surface of the best European motorcycle roads. There is more in Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. The good news is, all these motorcycle hotspots are within a day’s ride from Nice Airport. We will be putting together motorcycle route recommendations for these countries over the next weeks. Watch this space and check back frequently for blog updates.

Bonne route!


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    Dear sir i would like to hire an adventure bike like BMW 1250 or 750 GS in Lyon on the 4th of October and return the bike on 11th of October in Marseille. I understend that there would be an extra charge. The bike has to have full luggage top and side cases.
    Please let me know if it is possible and if you have available bike.
    Thank you
    Dr Avi Avner

  • Mad or Nomad

    Hi! Great article on touring in France! The south is definitely one of our favourite places to ride as there as so many fantastic options, loops and routes to choose from. We have a bunch of top ride reports and France route guides on our site which you may find useful! Cheers

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