Meet the Motorbike Trip Team

We want you to meet our team. Our company is about motorcycles, but its run by people. As the saying goes “Sharing is Caring “ so we want to share some insight about the people who run the company Motorbike Trip. Here we go.



Managing Director. Vincent is passionate about motorcycle touring and has been working in the motorcycle rental industry for two decades. He gained valuable experience in Paris, but prefers the lifestyle and weather of the South of France. Vincent is all about listening to you, the customer and ensuring that your demands are met. If you come back from your motorbike trip with a smile on your face, then the mission is accomplished!




Store Manager. Thierry manages all the details in the background to ensure everything is in place for your motorcycle trip. For Thierry, there is no problem that cannot be fixed. His warm welcome makes you feel at home straight away. Thierry knows the two-wheel rental business inside out. Be it a bicycle, a scooter or a motorbike – you could not be in safer hands.



Chief mechanic. As an active member of the Moto Club de Monaco, Laurent has several years of motorcycle competition under his belt. Supermoto is his favorite discipline. Laurent has a safety-first mindset and ensures all the bikes are always in tiptop technical condition before they are rented. No technical fault goes undetected with Laurent.



Communication and Logistics. Henri is a trained graphic designer and takes care of our communication. But that’s not all. Henri is also in charge of logistics. If you specify a motorcycle delivery, Henri will do everything to ensure the bike is at the right place at the right time. Be it a hotel, Nice Airport, Marseille or further afield – Henri will take care of it.


This gives you a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at Motorbike Trip. Obviously, there is more to our business than just that. We work hard to make sure you enjoy an unforgettable time on our bikes. Should you have any questions or want to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Gary Jackob

    My name is Gary and I am coming to Nice on 3rd of September.
    Few questions:
    1. My plan is to visit south of France and from there continuing up north till the last station in Paris. Can I bring back the motorbike in another place. Lyon for example?
    2. I would like to have a plan of visiting interesting places in south of france. Do you have such a plan?
    3. Since I come alone, I am also interested to ride with a group. Is it possible on those dates 03rd/04th of September?
    4. I would like to rent for 7 days the bmw 1200 with 3 cases for luggage. Is that available on 03-10 of septmber?

  • Wolfram Lemmer

    un grand bonjour de Breisach, situé en Allemagne au bord du Rhin pas loin de Bale et Strasbourg.
    J`ai une seule question:
    Est-ce que vous avez besoin de quelqu`un de vous amenez les motos vers Nice en cas de location “one way” de ma region?
    Bonne journée pour vous et
    merci oour votre résponse
    Lemmi (Motard depuis 43 ans)

  • eduardo

    My name is Eduardo and i ’m going to París in septiembre.
    I want to know the possibility to pick up the motorcycle in París and bring back in Barcelona 10 days before

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