Touring Italy - Best Motorcycle Roads

Italy offers amazing motorcycle roads. We have first hand experience of riding in Italy since 2001 and can only recommend crossing the border from France. Beautiful views from mountain and coastal roads, delicious food and that feeling of “Italian flair”. But watch out for Italian drivers. Traffic can appear daunting. But rest assured, after a couple of days you will get the hang of riding a motorcycle or scooter in Italy. And remember, your motorcycle tour across Italy starts at Nice Airport in France.

We have put together a 6-day round trip to get you started. Using this motorcycle touring guide for Italy is easy. Just click on the images and the link will take you to GoogleMaps for further route detail. If you ask nicely, we will pre-program our GPS units with these routes.

Day 1 - French and Italian Riviera

We suggest you pick up your rental motorcycle in Nice first thing in the morning. We are happy to help setting up your GPS and luggage. Why not leave your suitcases with us during your ride. Obviously, our storage service is free of charge.

From Nice, you ride across Monaco and take the A8 to Italy. The A8 is called the Autostrada dei Fiori in Italy and offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean. There are nice turns on this highway. If you feel hungry, just take the next exit and head down to the coast for some fresh fish. Then continue to Genoa on the Autostrada dei Fiori and take the exit to Portofino. Portofino in Italy is the equivalent of Saint Tropez in France. One of those “been there, done that, got the t-shirt” places. Your last leg will take you to Levanto, where we recommend you stay overnight.
289 km / 181 m / 4.5 h riding time -

Day 2 - Tuscany

From Levanto, you travel across the winding country roads of Tuscany right to Florence. The rolling hills with their picturesque vineyards are breathtaking. You then arrive in Florence for a well-deserved break to discover the beauty of this historic city.
232 km / 145 m / 4.5 h riding time -

Day 3 – Florence

We recommend a rest day in Florence. Motorbike touring in Italy can be tiring – both from a mental and physical point of view. Always stay hydrated – on and off the bike.


Day 4 – Ducati and Ferrari

From Florence, you ride through the Emilia Romagna to Bologna. In Bologna, we suggest you tour the Ducati factory. Make sure to make an appointment by clicking here. After the factory visit its time to get on your bike again and ride the twisting roads to Maranello. The home of the famous car manufacturer Ferrari… The last leg takes you to Borgo Val di Taro in the region of Parma known for delicious food.
279 km / 174 m / 4.5 h riding time -

Day 5 – Apennines

You continue your Italian motorcycle tour across the Apennines Mountains and enjoy the beauty of the Piedmont region. Ride spectacular country roads to Acqui Terme and then ride up to Asta. Asti is a historic town known for its sparkling wine the annual Palio games. Well worth a visit.
235 km / 147 m / 5 h riding time -  

Day 6 – French Alps

From Asti, you ride across the beautiful Piedmont. Why not stop for lunch in Barolo known for its exquisite wines. Then head on to Roccaforte and cross the border via the French Alps and the scenic Col Lombarde. The last leg takes you on a wonderful mountain road back to Nice. All you then have to do is return your bike at Motorbike Trip in Nice. You are then ready to catch your flight home. Nice Airport is just a 30 min drive from Nice.
256 km / 160 m / 4.5 h riding time -

Obviously, there are more spectacular motorcycle roads to explore in Italy. This is just a recommendation and there is nothing stopping you from modifying our route recommendation. Be it longer or shorter, you will have a great ride in both Italy and France.


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