Bottle of Champagne with every rental over 3 days

What a season it’s been! We had great fun and met some great customers along the way.

We’re not quite ready for the season to be over. And we suspect, some of you are still itching for one more great ride in the end-of-summer sunshine of Cannes. So why not visit us this September and, if you book 3 days or more, we’ll give you a free bottle of Veuve-Clicquot champagne.

If you want to book, visit the motorbike rental page, select your bike and dates and we’ll email you a booking confirmation. Your bottle of champagne is already waiting for you in Cannes with your chosen rental motorcycle.

Just one thing to remember: book early, the offer only runs from 12th to 30th September 2014. Book Now.

P.S. Remember to enjoy your champagne after you’ve finished your ride!

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