Top Motorcycle Movies Ever

What are the biggest, baddest, most pulse-racing movies ever made? Last month, we put together our top 5 list. We got a lot of feedback from our customers. So now our list includes the motorcycle movies you love. Grab a cup of tee or coffee and enjoy one hell of a ride!

12. The Wild One
The movie that launched an icon of youth rebellion and gave us the immortal scene of a girl asking Marlon Brando’s Johnny Strabler, “What are you rebelling against?” He replies, “What've you got?” The image of Brando astride a Triumph is as powerful now as it was then.


11. Easy Rider
Easy Rider, arguably one of the most famous and essential movies to come out of the 1960s. America, open roads and freedom. What more do you need from a movie? Ah yes, motorbikes!


10. The Great Escape
This was definitely a fan favorite! Steve McQueen escaping on a Triumph dressed to look like a German BMW R75. Here a bit of trivia: a 2006 poll in the UK put this film as top Christmas movie amongst male viewers.


9. Faster and Fastest
These two documentaries focus on MotoGP and Valentino Rossi. There is some exceptional footage in this movie. Especially the late Marco Simoncelli, our all-time favorite racer. Even non-motorcyclist will enjoy this.

8. On Any Sunday
This Oscar-nominated documentary is probably one of the best movies ever made about the sport of motorcycling. It’s even got Steve McQueen in it.

What's more, there is a follow-up to this movie called "On Any Sunday - The Next Chapter". The trailer looks promising. We can't wait for the release this November.

7. TT Closer To The Edge
This movie with Guy Martin as the main character makes excellent viewing. The tone is more documentary than entertainment and gives great insight into the world of motorcycle road racing.


6. Mission Impossible 2
The first Mission Impossible was known for its sinister edge, bringing John Woo to the helm of the second movie was guaranteed a different feel entirely. This is never more obvious than when Tom Cruise and Dougray Scott race-it-out on a pair of Triumphs.


5. Terminator 2
Arnie on the back of a huge hog, that image is etched in the mind of every young boy that saw that movie. Do you remember the scene when the T-1000 jumps a police bike out of a building and onto a helicopter? Need we say more?


4. Black Rain
New York cop Michael Douglas is assigned to escort a Japanese mob boss back to his own country to stand trial. The mob boss escapes and Douglas finds himself dragged deep into the Japanese underworld. A great piece of moody film making by Ridley Scott, even if critical reception of the movie was mixed.

3. Matrix Reloaded
How could we forget one of the best motorcycle scenes with a Ducati 998 being ridden at high speed. When the movie launched in 2002, there was even a special edition Ducati 998 Matrix in dark green.

2. Skyfall
Many James Bond movies feature motorcycles. Think about the Yamaha XT500's on snow in "Four Your Eyes Only" or the turbo-charged Yamaha XJ650 in "Never Say Never Again". James Bond also rode a BMW R1200C in "Tomorrow Never Dies". But the best scene is in "Skyfall" when James Bond races a Honda CRF250R across the roofs of Istanbul.

1. Mad Max

We love the 1970s version but we are so excited to see the 2015 remake. Tom Hardy crashing through a post-apocalyptic world on a motorcycle, sounds like all sorts of fun. Can’t wait for the movie, but for now the trailer will have to suffice.

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