Motorcycle Touring in Corsica - A Guide to the Best Roads

Motorcycle tours in Corsica offer breathtaking roads and rides. Many customers have taken our rental motorcycles to Corsica and came back smiling from ear to ear. Therefore, we put together a round-trip guide to motorcycle touring in Corsica.
You start your motorbike trip from Cannes and ride to Toulon for the overnight ferry to Ajaccio. Once in Corsica, we have put together a selection of exceptional coast and mountain roads to visit Calvi, Bastia, Corte, Porte Vecchio and Bonifacio.
Click on the below GoogleMaps links for further detail. If you rent a bike from us to spend your holidays in Corsica, we can program this trip onto our GPS units.


Day 1 – Cannes to Toulon via the Grand Canyon & Ferry to Corsica

We suggest picking up your rental motorcycle in the morning. This gives you time to pack the motorcycle, familiarize yourself with the GPS and make sure everything is set-up properly.
Rather than taking the Autoroute A8 from Nice to Toulon, we suggest riding the Route Napoleon to the Grand Canyon of France. The Route Napoleon is one of our favorite roads. Sweeping bends and altitude changes make this a spectacular ride. Next stop is the Gorge de Verdon. Take the detour via the Route des Cretes. The road surface is not perfect, but the views across the Grand Canyon make up for it.

After lunch, you continue through the Grand Canyon and ride to the Lake Saint Croix. This is a Kodak moment not to be missed. Then continue through the Provence along scenic vineyards to Toulon.
Once in Toulon, it is time to find your way to the ferry port. We recommend the overnight ferry from Toulon to Ajaccio. That way you don’t lose precious holiday time. To get a good night’s sleep, upgrade to a single cabin.

255 km / 159 m / 5 h riding time -


Day 2 – Ajaccio to Bastia

Corsican motorcycle roads attract many motorcyclists in summer. Make your way out of Ajaccio and follow the signs to Piana. Piana is the start of the famous D81: beautiful views and 45 km of twisting asphalt. You are in for a treat. Then continue through the Scandola Natural Park and stop for lunch in Calvi or L’Ile Rousse and enjoy the amazing views across the Mediterranean. The expression “pleasure you can’t measure” springs to mind and never more so than when you’re touring motorbikes in Corsica. Ride on to Bastia for your overnight stay

239 km / 149 m / 5 h -


Day 3 – Bastia to Porto Vecchio

From Bastia you ride the sweeping N193 up to Corte, the historic and cultural capital of Corsica. Remember you’re on your holidays in Corsica, so do not get intimidated by the speed of local riders. They know their local routes inside out, which can be intimidating. Nevertheless you will enjoy this stretch of the route immensely.

After Corte you descend to the Eastern coast of Corsica. If you like oysters, then stop for lunch around the Etang d’Urbino. After lunch you flow with the traffic towards Solenzara and then climb the hairpins up to the Aiguilles de Bavella. When crossing the forest watch out for wild animals running across the road. At the same time you will enjoy the smell of fresh Thyme. The last leg includes more scenic mountain passes leading you into Porto-Vecchio, where you stay overnight.

223 km / 139 m / 4 h riding time -


Day 4 – Porto Vecchio and surroundings

We recommend a rest day. Motorbike tours in Corsica can be tiring – both from a mental and physical point of view. Always stay hydrated.


Day 5 - Porto Vecchio to Ajaccio


Take the N198 for a short blast down to Bonifacio. Bonifacio is worth a visit. You have the old town on the hill while the port resides on the Southern tip of Corsica. Follow the signs to Propriano and enjoy one hairpin after the other on the D69. Then continue towards Ajaccio on the coast road. The landscape changes dramatically. In summer, watch out for traffic from camping grounds lined along certain parts of the coast road. On your last leg you follow the D55 back to Ajaccio. Make your way to the ferry port. You will have plenty of time to explore Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon. Overnight ferry back to Toulon.

230 km / 143 m / 5 h -


Day 6 – Toulon to Cannes

Upon arriving in Toulon, take the inland route through the Massif des Maures to Saint Tropez. To avoid pricey Saint Tropez, best to stop in Ramatuelle for a bite to eat. Then ride down to Saint Tropez for a coffee and enjoy the views of the Mediterranean. From Frejus onwards there is a last highlight: the Routes des Adrets is another one of our favorite roads. You then arrive in Mandelieu, which is a short drive from Cannes.

200 km / 120 m / 5h -


All you then have to do is return your bike at Motorbike Trip in Nice. You are then ready to catch your flight home. Nice Airport is just a 30 min drive from Nice.
This riding guide outlines our recommended routes of Corsica. Obviously, there are many more roads to explore in Corsica. You can be sure, that you will have a great time riding through Corsica by motorcycle. Smiles per miles are guaranteed. Want to find out more about Corsica motorcycle holidays? Contact us for further route recommendations.


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