Definitive Guide to Renting a Motorcycle

We put together a Motorcycle Rental Guide to help with your next motorcycle rental. Our guideline covers Questions to Ask before the rental, the Booking Process, Motorcycle Handover and Return.

Questions to Ask

Always make sure to compare like for like, i.e. motorcycle model, equipment, mileage allowance, insurance, breakdown cover and additional services such as delivery and opening hours for pick-up and return. Generally, the motorcycle rental rate depends on the bike’s running costs, i.e. the depreciation, insurance, servicing intervals, tire consumption and price of spare parts of the individual rental motorcycle.

Who services the rental motorcycles? Safety is paramount in motorcycling. For that reason our motorcycles are maintained at an authorized dealer. We adhere to the highest maintenance standards set by the manufacturer and don't shy away from the costs to keep our rental motorcycles permanently in tiptop condition.

How old are the bikes? To ensure first-class service, Motorbike Trip only offers the latest models. Rental motorcycles cover high mileage in short periods of time. A rental motorcycle with high mileage is not necessarily a bad thing as long as it’s been carefully maintained.

What does the insurance cover? Third party insurance is mandatory in Europe and covers damage to others. Fire Insurance covers you if the motorcycle catches fire. Theft Insurance covers you if the motorcycle is stolen. We strongly recommend you take out the maximum insurance coverage to avoid a mishap turning into a major expense.

How much will an accident cost? The insurance excess, also known as insurance deductible is the amount of the claim the rider has to bear. As a rule of thumb, the higher the value of the motorcycle the higher the excess. This can vary between rental companies.

What happens in case of a breakdown? Make sure to find out what countries are covered. Our rental motorcycles are covered throughout Europe. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, our breakdown service will take you and the bike to the next garage. If the bike cannot be repaired locally, we take you back to Cannes at no cost and provide a replacement vehicle.

What about one-way rentals? As it’s your holiday, your travel arrangements might require a different drop-off location to your pick-up location. At Motorbike Trip, we can deliver or pick-up our motorcycles. Our delivery rates beat any taxi or shipping company.

What time for bike pick-up and return? Depending on your travel schedule, you might be arriving very early or late. At Motorbike Trip, you can pick up and return your motorcycle outside of office hours. We guarantee to be on time: in case we are late, we reimburse you €1 for every minute you wait. In return, we kindly ask you to inform us of any delays on your behalf.

What to do with your luggage during the rental? Most likely you will arrive with bulky suitcases at the rental station. Make sure to ask in advance if you can leave your suitcases there. For added convenience, we offer free luggage storage during the motorbike hire.

Booking Process

Before making a reservation, we recommend enquiring about the cancellation policy. This varies form company to company. Motorbike Trip stands for transparency. Re-booking a vehicle 30 days prior to the rental start is free of charge. Cancellations by the vehicle renter up to 30 days prior to the rental are subject to a €50 cancellation fee.

Unlike car rental companies, online booking is not common in the motorcycle rental industry. Most likely, you receive a rental contract by email and are then asked to provide your credit card details for the reservation. Instead of sending your card details by email, we suggest paying by PayPal or bank transfer. Motorbike Trip offers online booking. Obviously, you can still contact us by email and telephone. We promise to get back to you in less than 12 hours.

Make sure to inform the rental company, that you want the bike specified during the reservation and not a bike of the same category. Motorbike Trip will do its best to provide the rental motorcycle specified. In unforeseen events such as accidents or thefts, we upgrade you free of charge.

Last but not least, we recommend informing the rental company what mileage you are likely to cover. This helps the company decide, if new tires need to be fitted for your rental.

Motorcycle Handover

It is in the interest of the rental company and the rider to mark down all damages. Take your time to look at the bike and indicate all damages. Ensure all safety-relevant devices such as indicators, horn and lights are working. Also check the fuel level, front and rear brake for lever travel and inspect the chain tension. Verify that the tires are in good condition and ask when the tire pressures were checked. Our rental motorcycles go through a detailed check before and after each rental. Be it the tires, brakes, clutch, engine fluids, chain, electric system or accessories - our checklists don't leave anything to chance. If the rental motorbike isn't in 100% working order, it won't be rented.

Familiarize yourself with the electronics of the bike, the locking mechanisms and find out the best way to get the bike on and off its stand. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Only sign the paperwork, once you are happy with everything. You should receive a copy of the rental contract. To ensure a smooth return, confirm the location and time when you bring back the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Return

After having enjoyed your rental motorcycle, it is time to return it at the agreed location and time. Together with the rental company, you will check through the motorcycle. Damages can happen. We recommend being honest about it. Rental companies know their bikes inside out and being untruthful about damages will only create an uncomfortable situation. If everything is on order, you should receive written proof. This will protect you from any future claims such as missing fuel.

Following the above steps helps avoid any pitfalls when renting a motorcycle. Please do not hesitate to contact Motorbike Trip in case of questions or further information.


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