Ride the Pyrenees

In our latest blog articles we spoke about riding the Routes des Lavendes into the Provence. In another article we mentioned the possibility to do one-way motorcycle rentals across Europe. So why not combine this and ride our motorcycles from Nice to Barcelona? On the way you can ride the amazing Pyrenees.

Based on the Routes de Lavendes article, you will have reached Carpentras and are ready to continue your trip into Spain. Here are our recommended routes:


Carpentras to the Millau Viaduc – 250km / 5h

Head out of Carpentras to have breakfast in Avignon. There, you will see the papal palace and Avignon’s famous bridge. Then head on to Uzes, a medieval village in spectacular condition. The riding gets more technical once you reach the Cevennes National Parc. Spectacular views and roads are waiting for you. The next step is Millau – where you have the world-famous Viaduc of Millau designed by no lesser than the architect Norman Foster.


Millau Viaduc to Carcassonne – 249km / 5h

From the amazing Cevennes National Parc you ride into the Regional Parc of Languedoc. Another highlight in terms of natural beauty. The roads winds across breathtaking greenery, rock formations and lakes. Just make sure to keep your eyes on the road. The last leg takes you from Mazamet to Carcassonne known for its painstakingly restored medieval city on a hill by the Aude River.


Carcassonne to Andorra – 244km / 4h

Head west onto the D119 and you’re in for a treat. Then join the N20 and climb the mountain roads of Ax les Thermes towards the Pyrenees. The riding gets better and better as you cross the border over to Spain in order to reach Andorra. Make sure to ride carefully. The bends can get tight so don’t take any unnecessary risks as you will either drop off the cliff or run into a rock wall. Once in Andorra you will reveling in memories of the great roads you experienced.


Andorra to Barcelona – 257km / 5h

On the last day you again cross the border into Spain and ride the twisting canyon roads towards Masella. You will be smiling from ear to ear. Next stop is Ripoll and then you ride one last mountain chain (Massis del Montseny) into the beach town of Barcelona for a well-deserved dinner.


What a trip! We are happy to preload these routes onto our GPS units to ensure you get the maximum out of your one-way motorcycle trip. Should you have any questions or wish to alter the trip, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

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