Europe with a one-way motorcycle rental

A motorcycle road trip across Europe is one of the best ways to explore different countries and cultures. For this reason, we have been working hard to offer our customers a selection of national and international one-way rentals. The advantages of one-way rentals are clear: you get more time in different places and cultures without having to return your rental motorcycle in the same location.

Located on the Mediterranean, Nice is an ideal starting point to discover Europe. Here are our one-way rental locations:



Paris is 930 km (580 miles) from Nice. Why not fly into Nice Airport, pick-up your rental bike from our shop, ride across the Alps and then explore the Champagne region on the way to Paris. After returning your bike, you get time to explore the beauty of Paris and then catch your flight home from Paris. If you prefer, you can also start your trip in Paris and make your way down to the South of France. Just as an idea, ride through the Loire Valley, then continue on to Bordeaux and cruise along the Provence back to Nice. On the way, France offers an abundance of things to see and do.



Lyon is 471 km (294 miles) away from Nice. Riding from Nice to Lyon makes for an exceptional trip across the Alps. Take in Chamonix, the Mont Blanc and Albertville on the way. Lyon offers a variety of cultural treats and is known for the best food in France. What’s more, Lyon Airport offers multiple international flights.



Toulouse is 560 km (350 miles) away from Nice. The ride from Nice to Toulouse is spectacular. You can cross 6 beautiful National Parks: Parc regional du Verdon, Parc regional du Luberon, Parc national des Cevennes, Parc regional des Grands Causses and the Parc regional du Haut-Languedoc. An exceptional area for exceptional motorcycling. Toulouse itself is beautiful too and has plenty to offer.



Barcelona is 660 km (410 miles) away from Nice. To help you discover France and Spain by motorcycle, we offer one-way rentals from Nice to Barcelona. For example, you fly to Nice Airport, pick-up your rental motorbike and then ride across the Pyrenees to Barcelona. Dropping off the motorcycle in Barcelona is easy. Our motorcycle rental partner is located in the centre of Barcelona.



Geneva is 615 km (380 miles) away from Nice. Why not ride the Route des Grandes Alpes from start to finish and then drop off the motorcycle at Geneva airport? This way, you can make the most of your time exploring the Swiss Alps and the beautiful lakes of Switzerland.



Milan is 310 km (195 miles) away from Nice. The ride across the Mediterranean Alps into Italy is amazing. Make sure you enjoy the culinary delights of the Piedmont region. Truffles in Alba, wine in Barolo and why not stop in Turin to visit the Fiat factory or watch a football match of the legendary football team Juventus Turin. Our rental partner is located in the city centre of Milan.



Munich is 800 km (500 miles) away from Nice. Make your motorcycle renal a once in a lifetime experience. You could combine the trip from Nice with the BMW Motorrad Days in July 2016. To round off this experience, you then ride to Munich and visit the BMW World. Munich offers a variety of cultural treats and is known for its tasty beer and beer gardens.

As we have to deliver or get the bike back from the above locations to Nice, we charge a flat for this service. Depending on the location, we also require a minimum rental period. Please contact us for any questions and we are happy to help.


  • Paul Titus

    I need to rent a BMW 1250 from Barcelona and drop it off in Italy a week later ( from early to mid June 2023.) What do you recommend?

  • Al Purmort

    Athens to Lisbon. Is this possible ?

  • Terrance L Wilson

    We are planning on coming over for a 20 day tour of europe. we dont want to do a pre determined tour. rather we just want to explore on our own. would like to do a one way from Spain to possibly Amersterdam . how much more is it one way verses bringing it back. our trip would take place june of 2022

  • Craig E Stevenson

    I am planning a trip to Europe in June 2021. I plan to rent a motorcycle and travel through multiple countries.

    Can you confirm if we can rent a motorcycle at one destination and return it to another destination in another country?

    Thank you,

  • Brian Randall

    Rent a bike in Athens and do a 3 week trip and finish in Lisbon. Would that be possible

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