Motorcycle Rental in Paris

Want to rent a motorbike in Paris? A small fleet of rental motorcycles might be available in Paris this summer. Based in the heart of Paris, we would deliver our rental motorcycles to your hotel or pick you up from any airport in Paris (Charles de Gaulle or Orly).

Why rent a motorcycle in Paris - the most visited city in the world? Its the best way to avoid traffic congestion and you always find parking. There is the centre of Paris and then there is more to explore outside of France‘s capital. Great motorcycle rides lead to the Chateau de Versailles, Monet‘s Gardens at Giverny, the St-Denis Cathedral Basilica, Chateau Vaux le Vicomte or Fontainebleau Palace to name just a few. Further afield you have the Loire Valley, the Champagne or the Normandy. Plenty to explore on two wheels.

Interested? Please email us directly if you are interested in renting a motorcycle in Paris. Looking forward to hearing from you and keep the shiny side up.


  • Michalis Kyriacou

    Is there any available motorbikes from 6th of August until 11th? I will be to the olympic games and I am looking for a motorbike to travel around the town

  • Duc Hoang


    Me and 3 friends are looking to rent a few bikes Nov 1st to travel the city, Can we get a quote on what will be available? Thank you.

  • Oscar

    I am looking to rent 2 motorcycle to pick and travel from Paris, Brussels, Netherlands, and Germany. What is the best location to pick up/drop off to save the most money and headaches? Thanks

  • Russ lamb


    Looking to rent 3/4 bikes from 2 – 4 September 2018. Do you do pick up in Paris and drop off in Bordeaux?


  • Milton copat

    Gostaria de alugar uma GS 1200 em Paris do dia 16/06 a24/06 /2017

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